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Glass Lifting Hire

Hird has established itself as a leading provider of glass handling and glass lifting services in the UK.

We provide a comprehensive range of glazing robots, glass vacuum lifters, and glass handling accessories, such as glazing trolleys, vacuum cups and glazing slings.

Hird is the UK and Ireland authorised distributor for Winlet glazing robots, which are among the most advanced and capable glazing robots available in the UK. They are designed to lift, carry and place glass panels with complete safety and precision.

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Our range of glass handing equipment and glass vacuum lifter attachments is often used in conjunction with machines from our fleet of Valla pick and carry mini cranes, Maeda mini cranes and UNIC tracked spider cranes.

All our glass handling equipment is available for hire, with operator support. We also provide glazing robot, glass vacuum lifter and mini crane operator training, so you can complete your glass handling project efficiently and safely.

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