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Mini Crane Hire

Hird has one of the UK’s largest mini crane hire fleets – with the latest small and compact cranes that are ideally suited for lifting in environments where space is at a premium, including Valla pick and carry cranes and Maeda spider cranes.

We are at the forefront of a revolution in mini crane development and utilisation, not least in the developement of a new generation of mini cranes spanning the entire electric range, helping our clients stay aligned with challenging sustainability and carbon net zero objectives.

Types of Mini crane

Mini cranes, like the ones in Hird’s mini crane hire fleet, are among the most sophisticated lifting machines developed in the world today.

The desire to deliver impressive lifting capacity while keeping machine weight to a minimum, means mini cranes of all types – including Pick and Carry Cranes and spider cranes – get a huge amount of technology into a small package. Safety, flexibility, and reliability are all key priorities in mini crane design.

In the last 30 years, the development of mobile mini cranes, either wheeled mini cranes or tracked mini cranes, has accelerated as modern manufacturing, maintenance and facilities management systems have required more sophisticated methods for lifting, transporting and manipulating goods and materials.


Pick and Carry Cranes

Pick and Carry Mini Cranes are designed to provide mobile lifting and carrying support for a range of commercial and industrial needs. They are often referred to as compact cranes, as they are designed to take up as small a space as possible – and so can worked and be moved around in confined areas.

Pick and Carry Mini Cranes are designed to provide lifting support in a wide range of environments.

They work in:

  • foundries
  • mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • glass installation
  • construction
  • railway depots and maintenance
  • power stations
  • facilities management

There are pick and Carry Crawler Mini Cranes, which are tracked to operate across rough or unstable ground, and wheeled mini cranes for operating on smooth surfaces, or inside buildings in clean environments.

Valla Cranes available to hire from Hird have lifting capacities form 2 tonnes up to 25 tonnes. They are fitted with the latest digital load monitoring systems to help ensure the safe and efficient handling of the load. Some Valla mini cranes, especially the small Pick and Carry Cranes, are operated remotely, using a hand-held control. Others are sit-on machines that are driven.