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UNIC Spider Crane Hire

Hird’s UNIC spider crane hire fleet provides you with highly compact cranes that can be operated in the most confined spaces.

UNIC tracked spider cranes are ideal for operation across low load bearing floors. They are also ideal mini cranes for moving across difficult terrain and setting up where ground is uneven.

Choose UNIC mini cranes with a range of power options, including petrol, diesel, LPG and mains electric motors + dual power cranes. Call us to find out more about our UNIC crawler mini crane rental prices.

The reduced weight and compact design of UNIC spider mini cranes means they can be transported easily in construction lifts. The smaller spider cranes are so narrow they can be moved through standard single doorways.

Combined with our wide range of mini crane attachments, they are ideal for tasks such as glass and materials handling and installation, steel erecting and plant maintenance, improving productivity and safety. Hird also offers comprehensive spider mini crane operator training and onsite service support.