Oktopus CBL2500

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Technical Specifications



Power Source


Lifting Capacity
2500 kg

Gross Weight

515 kg




24 volts

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Performance at a glance

Lifting Capacity

2500 kg

Gross Weight

515 kg

OKTOPUS CBL2500 counterbalance lifting beam

This is a highly flexible and easy-to-use counterbalance lifting beam from leading manufacturer Wirth.

It is ideal for lifting in hard-to-reach locations, for example under roof overhangs, balconies and staging. The counterbalance beam has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes.


Overhang Working Load Limit
1.50m 2,500 kg
1.75m 2000 kg
2.00m 1,500 kg
2.50m 1,000 kg
3.00m 700 kg

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