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The Valla 180ES mini crane is arguably one of the most flexible machines in our mini crane hire fleet – because often it can be used in place of larger and more expensive static or mobile cranes.

As a compact pick and carry crane the Valla 180ES mini crane be deployed on a wide range of lifting tasks, for example process machinery installation and plant repair, making it a very popular small crane hire option.

It has a fully-hydraulic telescoping boom, giving a maximum boom height of 13m. The mini crane has a hydraulic fly jib with a tip height of 16m and a 40 degree sweep. Its main boom provides a maximum radius of 10 metres, at which point it can lift 1,500kg.

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Valla 180ES

Max. Working Height

13.00 m

Max. Working Radius

9.80 m

Capacity @ Max. Height

2,900 kg

Capacity @ Max. Radius

1,500 kg

Power Source


Charger Type / Ampage

415v / 32A

Total Machine Weight

19,000 kg

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valla 180e safe lifting envelope 1
valla 180e safe lifting envelope 1
valla 180es flyjib working envelope
valla 180es flyjib working envelope
valla 180es dimensions
valla 180es dimensions

180ES with Fly Jib

  • Max. lifting capacity 3,000kg
  • Max. working height 15.8m
  • Max. working radius 12.5m
  • Capacity @ max. height 1,700kg
  • Capacity @ max. radius 750kg

Like all Valla pick and carry cranes, the Valla 180E mini crane is fitted with 3B6 digital load monitoring systems, for safe and efficient lifting.

The Valla 180ES mini crane is electric powered, with long-lasting batteries, which means it is fume-free, so ideal for indoor lifting projects.

This pick and carry crane also meets exacting requirements of sustainability strategies operated by our clients. Environmental impact is minimised, during operations and over the lifetime of the mini crane.

The Valla 180ES pick and carry mini crane is valued by clients operating in many different industrial and commercial sectors. These mini cranes can be fitted with various mini crane attachments to perform complex and demanding material handling and lifting tasks.

Key features of this mini crane

  • Non-marking tyres
  • Sit-in operation
  • Four section telescopic boom
  • Visual and audible load safety indicators
  • Ideal for indoor and confined space operation
  • Hydraulic fly jib to extend reach where operating height is restricted.
  • 18 kW 96v AC fanned reversible motor with variable speed control.

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