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Kappel DSZ2 Curved

Kappel - Curved Vacuum Lifter

The DSZ2 Curved Glass Vacuum Lifter range from Hird – with 400kg or 600kg capacity.

Fully adjustable, the vacuum lifter swivel arms allow the vacuum pads on the lifting frame to be moulded to the contours of the load ensuring maximum contact is made, enabling the load to be fully supported throughout the lift.

Easily configuring between concave & convex loads, the DSZ2 vacuum lifter curved also offers hydraulically assisted tilt making using the vacuum lifter easier to operate.

  • Ideal for lifting and handling curved glass panels
  • Very powerful dual, independent vacuum circuits
  • Lift capacity of up to 600kg
  • Low vacuum alert

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Kappel DSZ2 Curved

Weight of Lifter

190 / 175 kg

Number of Suction Cups

24 / 16 mm Ø

Suction Cup Dimension

220 mm Ø

Structural Depth

300 mm

Power Source Incl. Charger


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dsz2 curved vacuum lifter dimensions
dsz2 curved vacuum lifter dimensions

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