Winlet 785

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Technical Specifications



Power Source


Max Height

3.97 m

Lifting Capacity
785 kg

Overall Width

0.89 m

Gross Weight

excl. counterweights 1142 kg
incl. counterweights 1422 kg


180 º



Pad Diameter




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Winlet – UK and Ireland Distributor

Glass Installation Robots

The Winlet 785 Glazing Robot provides a revolutionary and highly productive new working method of installing windows. Glazing or glass panels weighing up to 785kg can be lifted, transported and installed in a safe and straightforward manner. Glazing robots dramatically improve productivity, improve health and safety and reduce the frequency of damage to both materials and operatives.

In addition to glass lifting, the Winlet 785 can be easily adapted to lift and carry a wide range of materials including granite, concrete, plasterboards, Steel panels or plates, Tiles, wooden panels and doors.

Its compact design make it suitable for operating in confined spaces and can be transported in most elevators.

For further details or to register your interest when the Winlet 785 is available contact us: [email protected]


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