Valla V210R

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Technical Specifications



Lifting Capacity
21,000 kg


W 1980
H 2000
L 5,370

Gross Weight

21,500 kg

Maximum Working Radius

8.1 m

The Valla V210R pick and carry crane is one of our new generation mini cranes operated by wireless remote control. This gives the operator freedom to choose the optimum location for controlling a lift, increasing safety and productivity.

It has a maximum safe working load of 20t (basic spec) or 21t with an optional front outrigger bar. A maximum working height of 12.0m (8t) and a maximum working radius of 8.1m (4t). As an electric battery crane, the Valla V210R also provides sustainable zero-emissions and fume-free lifting.

Valla V210R with Fly Jib attachement

  • Max. lifting capacity 3,000kg
  • Max. working height 15m
  • Max. working radius 10.9m
  • Capacity @ max. height 3,000kg
  • Capacity @ max. radius 2,400kg (on wheels) 3t(crossbar)

Valla V210R with Fork attachement

  • Max. lifting capacity 10,000kg
  • Max. working height 11.7m
  • Max. working radius 9.50m
  • Capacity @ max. height 4,000kg
  • Capacity @ max. radius 1,000kg

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Hird mini crane operators

Hird can provide fully-trained pick and carry mini crane operators, experienced in all the sectors above. We can also provide a contract lifting service, if required.

Mini Crane Training from Hird

CPCS A66 Compact Crane Training Course Mini Crane Training from HirdMini Crane Training from Hird

Training can be delivered at one of the purpose-built Hird training centres, or at your own site, if facilities are suitable.

Most courses can be tailored to suit production requirements and business needs.

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