Tilting Glass Trolley

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Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity
600 kg


Two Positions
Position 1, 8° - 35°
Position 2, 15° - 45°


84 kg

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Getting large panes of glass through doorways and openings has been made easier by the introduction of our new Tilting Glass Trolley, easily adaptable and can accommodate loads up to 600kg.

Tilting is done manually using a winding handle and has two degree positions: Position 1: 8 to 35 degrees and Position 2: 15 – 45 degrees, so it is ideal where access is restricted.

Key Features

  • Manual tilting
  • Max Length: 2.5m
  • Two Position:
    1. Position 1, 8° – 35°
      Position 2, 15° – 45°

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