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9 important advantages of Maeda spider cranes

9 important advantages of Maeda spider cranes

Awareness of the benefits of tracked spider cranes is growing all the time. The growth of Hird’s fleet of Maeda spider cranes is testament to the trend.

However, it’s always worth reminding ourselves of the advantages the powerful mini cranes bring to many lifting tasks – and we are giving you nine of them to consider.

Spider cranes defined

First, what is a Maeda spider crane? It is a crane fitted with tracks for mobility and outriggers that are deployed to stabilise the machine before each lift.

Maeda spider cranes are often referred to as mini cranes, because they occupy large niches at the lower end of the lifting capacity range compared with larger cranes.

With this in mind, take a closer look at the concept by viewing our Anatomy of a Maeda Mini Crane, which will give you an interactive tour around the main features of the machines.

Anatomy of a Maeda Mini Crane

Meanwhile, we will explain the nine important advantages of the Maeda mini cranes in the Hird crane hire fleet.

1. All terrain capability

Maeda mini cranes are crawler cranes. Their tracks make it easier to ‘track’ the cranes across uneven or unstable ground. This makes them ideal for lifting on construction sites.

Equally, as tracked mini cranes, their low load-bearing capabilities make them ideal for operating indoors over sensitive floors or externally over paved areas, for example to lift glass panels into new homes.

Maeda spider cranes can also be deployed to lift over uneven ground or floors because their outriggers can be set at different levels and angles, as long as they are within the performance parameters.

Maeda-mini-cranes on site

2. Confined space lifting

Maeda spider cranes are designed to be ultra compact when stowed for tracking. For example, the Maeda MC285-2 is just 758mm wide and 1470mm high in tracking mode, so can be taken through a single doorway.

Once at the lift point, the outriggers are deployed and the spider crane, which has a safe working load (SWL) of 2.82t, can be stabilised for lifting quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

3. High lifting capacity

Maeda spider cranes have a high lifting capacity compared with their size.

This is due, in most part, to the large stabilisation area achieved by deploying the outriggers. For example, Hird’s Maeda MC815 can lift a maximum 8t and can still lift 345kg at its maximum radius of 18.8m.

maeda-mini-crane-Confined space lifting

4. Greater versatility

Maeda spider cranes can be used to lift loads in a huge range of environments. For example, they are used for steel erection, glass lifting and curtain wall installation on construction sites, for machinery installation in factories, and for sculpture installation in museums.

Battery electric versions of the spider cranes, such as the Maeda MC305CB-3 ECO, which has a maximum SWL of 2.98t, can be used indoors and in clean environments, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing units and food factories.

Maeda mini crane leift - methane plant

5. Improved safety

Maeda spider cranes have an extensive range of features that enhance their safe use. For example, the MC305CB-3 ECO mentioned above, has a large, full-colour touch-sensitive screen from which the crane operator can control all aspects of the lift, while monitoring an array of load moment data and sensors.

The spider crane can also be controlled remotely, so the operator can position themselves in the best location to manage the lift safely. The unique capabilities of Maeda spider lifts also ensure the optimal lift plan can be selected for, often, very challenging lifts.


6. Enhanced sustainability

Hird offers battery electric Maeda spider cranes for hire with SWLs from 2.82t from 8t. This provides customers with zero emissions, low noise and low carbon footprint lifting for a huge range of tasks.

Many crane lifting customers are now requiring this high level of sustainability to meet their own carbon net zero commitments. In other cases, low noise and zero emissions crane lifting is needed to  work near sensitive sites, such as hospitals, schools or care homes.

Maeda Mini Crane in London City

7. Reduced site disruption

This is a key advantage for users of Maeda spider cranes. Because of their compact proportions, they can often be easily transported close to lift locations, then tracked into position, with no significant site preparations.

Because the lift is carried out close to the load, the lift area is smaller, so other parts of a facility, for example a factory, are not affected. Equally, if the lift location is in a public space, restrictions on the movement of members of the public are also limited.

So, lifts can be completed with less planning time and effort, involving fewer people, affecting smaller spaces, with fewer risks mitigated, and in less time. This advantage means using a Maeda spider lift is often less costly than alternative solutions, fore example using a mobile crane.


8. Precision lifting

Maeda spider cranes are designed to meet the latest standards in controlled lifting. As both the crane and the crane operator are close to the lift point, control is optimised. Loads can be lifted, moved and placed with millimetre precision.

Thanks to the excellent working envelope of Maeda spider cranes, multiple lifts can be carried out quickly and safely at varying heights and radii from one location. However, if the crawler cane has to move, that can be achieved quickly and safely, as well.

9. Easy to operate

Hird’s Maeda spider cranes can only be operated by a trained and qualified operator.

However, they are designed to be easy to use. Hird also provides A66 compact crane endorsement A (spider crane) training. If necessary, Hird can also hire a Maeda spider crane along with a trained and highly experienced mini crane operator.

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