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Technical Specifications



Power Source

Diesel or Electric Mains

Max Working Height

(22.7m with ext jib) 19.5 m

Gross Weight

7920 kg

Maximum Swl
6.0 t

Maximum Working Radius

18.6 m


23.5 kw


360˚ (continuous)

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Performance at a glance

Max Working Height

(22.7m with ext jib) 19.5 m

Maximum Swl

6.0 t

Maximum Working Radius

18.6 m

UNIC URW-706 – Mini Spider Crane

The UNIC URW-706 spider crane is the heavyweight in Hird’s mini crane hire fleet. With a lifting capacity of up to 6.0t, it is a true leader in its class.
Among the many key features of this tracked spider crane is a 19.2m boom length, plus an extendable fly jib and searcher hook as standard.
These are perfect mini cranes if extra muscle is required, while their compact spider crane design means they are also ideal for working across uneven ground and in confined spaces.
The crawler spider crane can be controlled remotely or from a crane operator’s seat on the machine. It also has a number of safety and efficiency features, including digital load monitoring, an intelligent throttle system, and working area limitation.

Key features of this mini crane

  • Maximum safe working load 6 t at 3 m
  • Max lifting height 19.5m (22.7m with second stage fly jib)
  • Power source diesel or electric mains
  • Power output 23.5 kw
  • Gross weight 7920 kg
  • Slewing 360 degrees (continuous)
  • Operator control of outrigger extension
  • Optional low-marking tracks
  • Intelligent throttle activation for fuel economy and sustainable operation
  • Load monitoring system for safety and efficiency.

Mini cranes from Hird – key sectors

UNIC URW-706 spider cranes are among the most flexible machines in the Hird mini crane hire fleet. They can be quickly fitted with a range of mini crane attachments to carry out many lifting and handling tasks.
Key sectors for these mini cranes include:

  • Steel erection
  • Pipe handling and installation
  • Machinery moving
  • Building restoration
  • Exterior cladding installation

Hird can provide fully-trained mini crane operators, experienced in all the sectors above, to fulfil your lifting needs.

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Mini Crane Training from Hird

CPCS A66 Compact Crane Training Course Mini Crane Training from HirdMini Crane Training from Hird

Training can be delivered at one of the purpose-built Hird training centres, or at your own site, if facilities are suitable.

Most courses can be tailored to suit production requirements and business needs.

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