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Technical Specifications



Max Height

7.6 m

Lifting Capacity
680 kg

Overall Width

1.5 m

Gross Weight

170 kg

Versatile lift with infinite load height adjustment

  • Tee-Head Extension Bar, lift wider loads up to 455kg
  • Lift and place loads in tight locations impossible for other lifts
  • Moves vertically and horizontally
  • 2 Winches: operate load and mast elevation separately

Counterbalance Floor Crane Training from Hird

Counterbalance Floor Crane Training Course Counterbalance Floor Crane Training from HirdCounterbalance Floor Crane Training from Hird

Training can be delivered at one of the purpose-built Hird training centres, or at your own site, if facilities are suitable.

Most courses can be tailored to suit production requirements and business needs.