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Winlet 575 - Glazing Robot Anatomy of a Glazing Robot
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    Manipulator Head

    This allows glass sheet’s to be moved precisely into position. The manipulator head can be tilted and rotated 180 degrees. The manipulator head can be positioned so glass panels up to 275kgs can be carried parallel to the machine to allow access to challenging work areas.

    Another important benefit…

    The Winlet has a gyroscopic function that holds the panel at exactly the same angle while the boom is moved up or down or side to side. This means the manipulator head does not have to be repositioned by the operator, and the glass does not have to be guided into place manually.

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    Linear Side Shift Ram

    One of the unique benefits of Winlet, much appreciated by clients, is that side shift of glass panels is linear, so they remain perfectly aligned with the glazing aperture.

    This is achieved with a ram attached to the manipulator head. Rival glazing robots side shift using their wheels, resulting in a curved motion, so panels do not remain aligned.

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    Extendable Jib

    The Winlet glazing robot has an extendable jib, or boom. This is controlled with a hydraulic ram. When fully closed, the jib head is 700mm from the front of the glazing robot. When fully extended, it is 1800mm from the front of the machine.

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    Motor and Batteries

    The glazing robot is electric-powered, so is fume-free, quiet-running, and is ideal for internal and external operation. It has two batteries, which provides all-day operation and are quick to re-charge.

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    Stability during glass installation is provided by 275kgs of counterweights. These weights are removable to aid in transportation of the machines within personnel lifts on site’s with little or no direct access.

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    Articulated Rear Axle

    The Winlet glazing robot is easily steered using an articulated rear axle. This allows the operator to position the machine precisely for optimum glass installation control.

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    Steering Control Arm

    The Winlet glazing robot is moved into position using the steering arm. At the same time, the operator controls the speed of movement via thumb controlled joysticks.

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    Remote Control

    The glazing robot can be controlled from a wired remote control pad. All functions are fully automatic. There is no need to manually reset any part of the machine during the installation process.

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    Lifting ram

    The extendable jib is lifted and lowed using a hydraulic ram. When combined with the extendable jib, this allows glass panels, or other non-porous sheets, to be lifted to a maximum height of 3.6m, even directly overhead.

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    Vacuum Cups

    The Winlet glazing robot has a vacuum lifter with four vacuum cups. Extension arms can be fitted to increase the pad spread. Extension arms can be fitted to increase the pad spread to accommodate for various sizes and shapes of glass. The Winlet 575 has a maximum lifting capacity of 575kg.

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    Pneumatic Front Wheels

    The glazing robot’s front wheels has pneumatic tyres to assist in moving over rough terrain. Twin tyres can be fitted to provide added stability if it is needed. The front wheels are the machine’s drive wheels.

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    Load Stabilising Arms

    These are not load-bearing, but assist in stabalising the glazing robot during lifting operations with large sheets of glass.

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    Load Chart

    The load chart on the side of the glazing robot informs the operator on safe load limits during glass installation. The machine has the latest intelligent load monitoring systems to assist in safe glass lifting.


Anatomy of a Glazing Robot

Winlet is quickly establishing itself as a world leader.

Winlet glazing robots are packed with clever technology that makes them easier, safer and faster for installing glass than any other glazing robot out there. Hird is the authorised distributer in the UK and Ireland for these clever machines, and demand is growing fast. That trend will continue as Winlet’s reputation as an innovator in the world of glazing also grows.

These glazing robots are designed to remove manual handling from glass installation, increasing productivity and safety. The Winlet range is expanding all the time. In 2015 we introduced the Winlet 350 TH, a glazing robot that can be attached to a telehandler. Now there is the mighty Winlet 1000, which can lift and install panels weighting up to 1 tonne.


  • Winlet is one the world’s leading manufacturers of glass lifting robots – that get your glass lifting job done more quickly, more safely, with less cost.

    Through detailed research with glass and materials lifting operators, Winlet has developed an innovative and highly effective range of glass lifting machines that will boost your productivity, saving time and manpower, and provide a safer working environment.

    Hird glass lifting Winlet on site at Battersea Power Station with operator Danny Mills


    It’s out on site that users see the benefits of using glazing robots.

    Improved safety, improved Productivity. See Winlet in action.

  • Hird glass lifting Winlet on site at Battersea Power Station with operator Danny Mills

    “Our main contractor has commended us for using the Winlet, and has put us forward for its Innovation in Safety Award. They are impressed with its zero manual handling capability.”


    “Our clients are saying it’s a revelation. Their operations have become safer, faster, and less labour-intensive, which means lower costs as well as better service to end-user customers.”

  • Specs

    • Max Height
    • Lifting Capacity
    • Overall Width
    • Gross Weight
    • Maximum WL
    • Tilting
    • Pad Diameter
    • Pads

    Winlet 350

    Winlet 350TH

    Winlet 575

    Winlet 600

    • 2.8m
    • 600kg
    • 0.875m
    • 1060kg
    • 0.600t
    • 160
    • 270 ∅
    • 4
    • View Machine

    Winlet 785

    • 3.9m
    • 785kg
    • 0.890m
    • 1075kg
    • 0.785t
    • 180
    • 410 ∅
    • 4
    • View Machine

    Winlet 1000

    • 4.1m
    • 1000kg
    • 0.870m
    • 1340kg
    • 1t
    • 180
    • 385 / 350 ∅
    • 8 / 4
    • View Machine