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Valla 120E

Performance at a glance

Lifting Capacity 12.0 t
Overall Width 2.10 m
Gross Weight 13000 kg

The Valla 120E mini crane is one of the big beasts in the Hird mini crane hire fleet. This pick and carry crane is just as flexible as our smaller compact cranes, and can be used – often in place of much larger and more expensive static or mobile cranes – on a range of lifting tasks.

Importantly, mini cranes simplify lift and move projects, by reducing the amount of machinery, personnel and processes needed to complete lifting tasks, reducing costs and optimising safety.

Valla 120E mini cranes are electric powered, with long-lasting batteries, which means they are fume free, so ideal for indoor lifting projects. It also means they are perfectly aligned with sustainability strategies that call for minimal environmental impact, during operations and over the life of the mini crane.

Like all Valla pick and carry cranes, the Valla 120E mini crane is fitted with 3B6 digital load monitoring systems, for safe and efficient lifting.

Key features of this mini crane

  • Maximum lifting capacity 2 tonnes
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Sit-in operation
  • Four section telescopic boom
  • Visual and audible load safety indicators
  • Designed for indoor and confined space operation

Pick and carry mini cranes from Hird – key sectors

The Valla 120E pick and carry mini crane is valued by clients operating in many different industrial and commercial sectors. These mini cranes can be fitted with various mini crane attachments to perform complex and demanding material handling and lifting tasks, which means they are popular choices in our small crane hire fleet.

Sectors where these mini cranes perform well include:

  • Construction
  • Machinery moving
  • Factory maintenance
  • Artwork installation
  • Structure demolition
  • Facilities management
  • Manufacturing


Hird mini crane operators

Hird can provide fully-trained pick and carry mini crane operators, experienced in all the sectors above. We can also provide a contract lifting service, if required.

Mini crane training from Hird

We also provide certified pick and carry mini crane training to the highest standard, including:

  CPCS Mobile Crane training courses

Training can be delivered at one of the purpose-built Hird training centres, or at your own site, if facilities are suitable.

The Valla 120E is just one of range of mini cranes in our hire fleet. We can provide the optimum model and specification for your lifting project. Contact us today to find out more about Valla pick and carry cranes, and our mini crane hire rates, and mini crane sales.

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