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Maeda MC405

Performance at a glance

Max Working Height (20.7m with Jib)
16.8 m
Width 1380 mm
Maximum Swl 3.83 t
Maximum Working Radius 16 m

The Maeda MC405 mini crane is a powerful mini crane with 3.83t lift capacity with a fly jib that increases maximum tip height from 16.8m to 20.7m. This mini crane has a useful 500kg pick and carry function.

Key features of this mini crane

  • 500kg Pick & Carry Duty
  • Sheaves Protected Inside Boom
  • Programmable Moment Limiter
  • 4 Fall / 2 Fall Hook Block
  • Automatic Hook Stowage System
  • Tilt Sensor/Alarm
  • Powerful Two Speed Winch
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Remote Control
  • Outrigger Interlock System
  • 500kg Searcher Hook

The Maeda MC405 mini crane is a key machine in the Hird mini crane hire fleet. It can be combined with a range of mini crane attachments to carry out a wide range of tasks that require materials lifting and handling.

Sectors where clients benefit from this mini crane’s versatility include:

  • Construction
  • Glass installation
  • Facilities management
  • Factory maintenance

Hird can provide fully-trained mini crane operators, experienced in all the sectors above, to fulfil your lifting needs.

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Mini crane training from Hird

Hird provides a comprehensive mini crane operator training service, including

  CPCS A66 Compact Crane Training Course

Training can be delivered at one of the purpose-built Hird training centres, or at your own site, if facilities are suitable.

Most courses can be tailored to suit production requirements and business needs.

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