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The Wienold MFC 750 Ks – known as the Shorty – is a compact variant of the MFC 750 K mini floor crane available for hire from Hird.

Designed in conjunction with Hird Glass team, this counterweight unit has a ultra-compact footprint of just 1.20m x 0.65m and a lifting capacity of 500kg to a maximum height of 3.05m.

Flexible use of the counterweights enable the MFC750 Ks to be positioned in front of walls and balustrades so loads can be raised or lowered over obstacles.

Swivel castors are fitted as standard.

The MFC 750 Ks – Shorty – is simple to set up and can be transported in a standard lift / elevator. All components, such as the counterweights, come with useful carry handles.

Counterbalance floor cranes with hydraulic lifting arm.

  • Max lifting capacity 500kg
  • Max hook height 3.05m
  • Perfect for office, showroom and shop front glazing, fitting below architectural features when used in conjunction with a vacuum lifter
  • Can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled for transport
  • Lockable wheels

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